Saturday, December 14, 2013


I'm Commander Sir Snowy, Editor-in-Chief of the Magic Time Portal Intergalactic Observer. The very first Intergalactic Observer on Planet Earth!

Who are we? We're Time Travellers from another galaxy. We've been observing your planet since the dawn of its existence.

After personal observation of your planet for the past ten years by our elite forward team, Captain Bootsie Bear and His Fearless Crew, the Council of Elders have decided that, though we can't interfere in your politics and development, we can nevertheless give our observations based on what we see and understand. Hopefully, our observations will give you food for thought.

I come from Planet Journalists, located beyond the Quixley Black Hole. Many of our reporters on Planet Earth, originated from your planet,. They were the abandoned cats. Left to fend for themselves. We decided to take them back to our Planet and offer them a new life, reporting on news on their home planet.

You'll be hearing from Sam the Man, my Managing Editor; Mr Grey; and Peanuts. Also, a special column by, Mamma Kitty, to whom you can send your questions which she will answer.

I hope you like our observations which will tackle: politics, sports, environment, culture, and anything else that suits our fancy. We'll also be having guest writers, including you, the people of Planet Earth. Yes, we welcome your views and opinions – just remember, bad language will not be acceptable. 

In the Spirit of the holiday season, my staff and I wish you
A Very Happy Holiday to all the Earthlings of Planet Earth!
Shall we get sarted? I think Sam the Man has some breaking new for you!

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