Dear Mamma Kitty-Advice Column

Dear Mamma Kitty

Hello, I'm Mamma Kitty, ready to answer your questions to help you make a wise decision. Shall we take a look at some?

 Dear Mamma Kitty,

 I love my humans, they are kind and considerate and I lack for nothing, except for one thing. They don't feel that I need to be micro chipped. What can I do?

Lost in Seattle

 Dear Lost in Seattle,

 Unfortunately, although your humans love you to death, they need to be educated. It's important for a kitty to have that added security. For example, if for some reason you get lost outside, they can be reunited with you. If someone finds you, or you end up in an animal rescue facility, they can scan you and see if you're chipped and reunite you and your dear family. So many animals who are lost or separated by natural disasters never see their loving families again simply due to the lack of identification. In many countries, the law requires micro-chipping. I suggest that you try to show them as much information possible. Bring them articles and stories that will make them aware how important it is. I know you can do it. Your family loves you and I'm sure they'll take your kitty hint.
Mamma Kitty

Dear Mamma Kitty,

I'm really angry! My humans brought home a new puppy! What am I to do? I feel so lost and unloved.. He's getting all the attention. Should I run away? I'm so sad.

Sad and lonely in Italy
Sad and lonely.

You shouldn't feel sad. Just think, you have a new play pal.! Think of this puppy as a new brother or sister. Your family doesn't love you any less. What they've done is opened their hearts and home to a new life, just like they did for you. It'll take some time getting used to each other, but just think of all the fun you'll have playing with each other. Seeking out new adventures and protecting and loving and caring for each other. Let me know how you to are getting along.
Mamma Kitty
 Dear Mamma Kitty, 

I'm not a kitty, but a human. I buy so many toys for my kitties, but it seems that they only enjoy them for a few minutes and then ignore them! Do you have any suggestions?

Ms Pringle and Desperate in New Jersey

Dear Ms Pringle,

Cats love the simplest things that can amuse them for hours on end and not cost you a fortune. Try finding a cardboard box or two, sort of make it a doubledecker. Put one on top of the other. You can use masking tape to hold the two boxes together. At one end of each of the boxes cut a doorway. So the can go from one box to another cut a little opening in the top box. All around the box cut holes so they can stick their cute little paws through them and play with you or their pals. Simple but effective. 
Mamma Kitty

I welcome all your questions. No question is too big or too small. They're all important and I'll try to guide you in the right direction. Until next time!

Mamma Kitty

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