Scrooges vs Tiny Tims


Scrooges vs Tiny Tims


By Sam the Man, Managing Editor


 'Tis the season to be jolly. People on your planet are supposed to be bringing good cheer and thinking of being kind to your fellow human beings. time travellers and those dwelling in the other galaxies find this quite mystifying that this feeling is only stressed at this time of year and seems to be forgotten the rest of the year.

 Maybe they've been watching such movies as “EBBIE”. If you want to see what I mean take a good look as this movie at It's an updated version of Charles Dickens', “Christmas Carol”. It seems that there are many Scrooges running around on your planet these days, especially certain persons in your Legislative Branch. Hopefully, they would watch this movie and take a hint, how not to treat the Tiny Tims of your world. Though it's doubtful they would get the message. 

Keeping in step with the season, I'm bringing you some late breaking news...... an exclusive interview with Lore, Keeper of the Chronicles, conducted by our Editor-in Chief, Commander Sir Snowy.

 S. I've very glad to have you with me today, Lore. Lore. can you tell our readers where you're from?

 L. Well, Sir Snowy, I'm a multidimensional entity. I exist in the past, present, and future. In my business you have to be, though it can give you quite a headache coming and going with yourself all the time.

 S. So, what have you got to do with these Chronicles? 

 L. I'm Lore, Keeper of the Chronicles.

 S. Well, that explains everything. 

 L. Now do you want to hear my story or ask silly questions?

 S. No, we're honoured to have you here. Please, continue.

 L. Now, shall we begin? Good! And where shall I start? At the beginning, of course, where else!
It was Christmas on a blue planet spinning through time and space, called Earth, which in the opinion of the Council of Elders was far from being developed. In my opinion, they're not wrong, especially those actions or inactions, of a certain faction within one of your political parties. It was a time for holiday cheer and goodwill, so it was said. But evil forces were ever lurking in the shadows.

 S. Evil forces?
 L. What you earthlings would call Scrooges. Those factions who are now saying "Bah Humbug". Those who say like Scrooge, and I quote Scrooge" "they,meaning the poor people, those who have fallen on hard times, had better do it, in this case die or cease to exist and in some instances be deported,and decrease the surplus population.
S. AHhh.....please go on.

L. Thank you.
 While everyone was rushing about buying a far corner of this planet, hidden in plain sight was a little girl. To look at, she was nothing special. Small, with mousy brown hair, thin, dressed in hand-me-down clothes. But, there was something in her eyes...her big blue, sparking eyes which could draw you in...into her world. Her name was Sparkle, hardly a name one would attribute to such a waif....but she had a destiny that even she did not know about, at least not yet.

 It was a terrible night..... a snowstorm appeared out of nowhere, driving all the holiday shoppers to the safety of their homes. All except one who did not hide from the raging storm. Can you guess who? It was Sparkle.

 Sparkle was home to go warm family waiting. She gazed up at the storm in defiance and, without fear, yelled, I do not fear you, storm!”

 The storm took notice of this little earthing....perplexed at her defiance and strength in such a frail body. Maybe this is the one,” it thought. Why that thought entered into Storm’s head, it didn’t know.

 For some unknown reason, the storm began to caress and protect this earthling, and carried her to a place far...far...away.

 It carried her to its palace made of tempests. What a sight to behold! Imagine a palace made from snow, ice, crystals, lightning and cyclones. Sparkle slept the sleep of the enchanted, for no human could make this journey otherwise. She looked so pale and cold, so he dressed her in the warmest furs. Then he made her a bed of his most beautiful snowflakes and covered her with a blanket of soft snow. 

 Then he called the Council of Elders...for he was perplexed not only at this creature of Earth but also at his own actions.

S. Who are the Council of Elders?

L. All will be revealed if you can keep quiet!

S. Sorry, just a journalist's curiosity. Please go on.
L. “Father Frost, why was I drawn to this earthing?” asked Storm. Storm had no other name than Storm. But when Earthlings referred to him it was always “The Storm is Coming!”
 Father Frost, in all his frosty icy glory, raised his head slowly, “I do not know, Storm, at least not for sure. Maybe Suzy Snowflake knows. Suzy?”

 Suzy Snowflake was dazzling in her gown made of snowflakes. In contrast to the weathered, craggy face of Father Frost, she had a soft powdery face, gentle but also crystallized. She had a perplexed look on her snowflake face. “I also do not know”, she said sadly. “Maybe Frosty the Snowman knows. Frosty?”

 Well....” he said very slowly. “There is a very old story, that the world in it's rush for technology has forgotten what the true meaning of Christmas is. It is said that one will come to warm the hearts of show them that, though technology is good, the milk of human kindness....will never replace technology. But there is a price to pay. And it is only the courage and strength of the Chosen One that can bring this about”

But what price?” asked Storm.

I can't answer that. Maybe Father Time or Santa Claus can give you the answer.”

Storm was angry and he let his anger out on the Earth. The Earth became a sea of storms which had never been seen before. He raced to Father Time, but Father Time had another appointment and couldn't see him until the following Tuesday . His last resort was Santa Claus.

Santa Claus, I need to speak with you!”

Storm, glad to see you! What's up? You look a bit stressed”

Stressed! Stressed!” yelled Storm. “Now, why should I be stressed? Is it because I have a little human girl at my palace? That I don't know why I brought her there? That no one seems to be able to tell me anything? Stressed? That's an understatement, Santa Claus!”

Calm down, Storm. Did you say a little human girl? Small, unassuming but defiant?”

You summed that up in one” replied Storm rather sarcastically.

Storm, you may have brought the one person who can save Planet Earth here.”

What? That little insignificant little planet always causing trouble?”

Not so insignificant, my friend. Hurry, time is wasting! Bring her here at once!” ordered Santa Claus.

S. If I may interrupt. You really want our readers to believe that the Council of Elders are made up of The Storm, Father Frost, Suzy Snowflake, Frosty the Snowman, Father Time and Santa Claus? It may be a hard pill to swallow.

 L. Mother Nature and her legions are powerful and have been watching Earth since it came into existence. Intervening when necessary, especially when their civilization forgets about biodiversity, destroying their climate and the habitats of those who have no voice....all for profit.....forgetting the tenets of living in harmony with the planet. Earthlings don't own this planet. They are the caretakers, who have been given the task of preserving the planet for future generations. So far, they've not done a very good job. Never doubt the Elders' power – it's awesome! Just look at some of the devastating storms that have hit this planet. 

S. Quite a responsibility for the Earthlings. I hope they can meet the challenge. Please go on.
L. In the blink of an eye or, as the case may be, in the eye of a storm.........Sparkle was transported to the North Pole to meet face to face with Santa Claus.

Sparkle awoke from her enchanted sleep. She thought she must be dreaming, as the faces that stared back at her were only seen in fairy tales. Elves with smiling anxious faces. The cold face of Father Frost, and was that Suzy Snowflake? Something that looked like a whirling storm and … no wait, it can’t be… Frosty the Snowman? “No”, she thought, “I must be dreaming or dead.” Then she opened one eye and saw a man dressed in red. “Now I know I'm dead, there is no Santa Claus,” and shut her eyes tight.

 Oh, yes there is, Sparkle,” laughed the man in red. “Come with me, Mrs Claus will fix you a nice hot chocolate and cookies”

Ah, I don't know where I am, or who you are....but.... Ouch!” She yelled as she pinched herself. “Oh good grief, you're all still here! What's the joke? Are we on Candid Camera?”

No joke, Sparkle,” soothed Santa Claus. “Come with me, don't be afraid”

 I'm not afraid!” she retorted. “OK, Pops, lead the way!” 

 What a strange place this is,” she thought. “Everyone with smiling faces, singing and dancing, reindeer that fly, toys and more toys, everyone full of hope and joy.” Then she thought of her home. Well, not exactly her home – she really didn't have one, like so many others – everyone in a rush.....not stopping to look at the beauty that surrounded them. So often she thought “Why can't we live in harmony with the planet? With all the advances, why are we not trying to preserve the earth? Why all the conflicts  and indifference? Can't people live in harmony and respect others? Is it so hard? Can't we learn from the past? Why should I care about all this?” So many thoughts in the mind of a little girl of 10. 

 She was aroused from her deepest thoughts, when before her stood a cottage, brimming with warmth and happiness. Something she had not known for a long time. In the doorway, stood a little lady, dressed in red. Her hair was gray, her skin smooth as silk. She was slightly rotund, but her eyes, her twinkling blue eyes, transfixed Sparkle. They had all the warmth and joy Sparkle remembered in her mother's eyes.

Then with a voice that sounded like an angel, Mrs Claus said, “Come in my dear, you look a fright! Some nice hot chocolate and my special cookies should set you right.”

With tears streaming down her face, Sparkle ran to her open arms and felt the warmth of human kindness surround her.

After a nice hot bath, a good meal and, of course, some hot chocolate and Mrs Clauses' special cookies, Sparkle fell into a deep sleep.

Oh Santa, do you really think she is the one?” asked Mrs Claus.

I think so,” he responded.

By that time, Storm, Father Frost, Suzy Snowflake and Frosty had joined them.

OK, so what's the deal?” demanded Storm.

To make a long story short, and according to legend, there will arrive a chosen one who will sacrifice their happiness in order for the people of Planet Earth to survive. The chosen one will be the Giver of Understanding, Hope and Happiness. With every negative thought or deed transmitted by people, in return she will spread understanding and happiness. Before you interrupt, that person will live in a very lonely palace constructed by all the negative thoughts and deeds of humans.”

That's terrible!” shouted Storm. “And you think this little girl is the chosen one? That she will be doomed to live in a place of unhappiness for the rest of her life? I would rather create storms of destruction and destroy the people of Planet Earth than destroy this little girl. What has she done to deserve this?”

That's the point” replied Santa sadly. “She has done nothing, she is innocence personified. A pure heart. It will be her choice, she must make the decision of her own free will. That will be her first test. There is another part to the legend. That once the Earth begins to start to understand and to live in harmony, the palace of negative thoughts and deeds will begin to dissolve and be replaced by a shimmering palace of happiness, and peace”.

Oh great! How long is that going to take? One year? Millions?”

That is unknown,” replied Santa. “She has a long road to travel.”

A 10 year old?” asked Frosty. “That's a pretty heavy decision for one so young, don't you think?”

The young are the hope of the future, my snowy friend,” replied Santa. “In their eyes, all is possible. It is the adults that need to see through the eyes of the open their hearts and start creating a new world of understanding and compassion. And are you so sure she is only 10 years young?”

 What are you talking about? Nick, what have you been putting in your hot chocolate? She’s a little girl, right?” asked Suzy Snowflake, with a confused look on her face.

In a sense.” he replied with a wink and an all knowing nod.

OK, give! What's the deal?” they all shouted.

Sparkle is magic.” “Huh?”

Her mother was a star called Twinkle, that fell from the sky and took human form. Her father, Argonian, was a great sage and magician. Her destiny was formed before time itself. Don't worry so much, her adventures are only beginning, not ending. She is the Warrior Princess Scintilla for Planet Earth. She will face many enemies, fight many battles and make many friends along the way”

Well, no matter what you say, good luck in convincing her” snorted Father Frost.

Convincing me of what?” yawned a sleepy Sparkle.

 They all turned and what they saw took their breath away! Sparkle was, for lack of a better word...sparkling! But there were other changes. No longer was she that waif Storm had carried to his palace. Before them stood a strong, young woman. Her mousy brown hair had turned into long flowing dark brown tresses. Her mouth and lips, full and determined. Her aquiline nose and strong jaw set gave an impression of defiance. All these things only served to off-set those big, blue sparking, mesmerizing eyes. She no longer looked frail and thin. Her body was lithe and strong. All this was enveloped by a tunic of sparking stars over which furs protected her from the elements.

 I said, what do I need convincing of?” she said as she came strolling into the room. “Why are you all staring at me like that?” Just as those words left her mouth, she saw her reflection. “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Is that really me? Or are we in a fun house? If it is, it's so kool……very kool. If not, it’s a bad joke. So which is it? Hmmmm?”

No, it’s you all right,” said Santa Claus.

 How about explaining in 25 words or less. then?” She quipped back.

It took about two hours to get through all the story and not without a lot of questions, temper tantrums and complete disbelief. Finally, when all the smoke had cleared, came the universal questions asked everywhere. Why? Why me? Why do I have to save the world? And, of course, the usual responses. I’d rather go have a pizza and beer and watch the fun! It’s not my problem, let the other guy worry about it. Or haven’t you heard that a good deed never goes unpunished?

Sparkle, you ask 'why me?' Then you should ask yourself, why did your mother change from a star to human form? Was it all those wishes people made on stars, that touched her heart? Why did your father work to protect the environment? The biodiversity of this particular planet?” said Santa.
Yeah, and look what it got them? Dead, is what it got them…murdered!” screamed Sparkle. “I know they’re here, I feel them, but I can’t touch or hold them!” She jumped up and ran from the room.

S. So what happens?

L. Ahhh, Sir Snowy, only the story so far is written, not the ending. That is in the hands of Fate and the decision of Sparkle.

S. What? You mean there's no end?

L. It's a continuing's in the hands of the humans of Planet Earth and what Sparkle decides.

S. Well folks there you have it. Lore, Thank you for sharing this story with our readers.

L. Thank you for having me Sir Snowy, anytime.

S. This is an ongoing story and we'll keep you updated as new facts and details are learned. We, at the Magic Time Portal Observer invite you, our readers, to speculate and give your views on what Sparkle will do. Maybe she'll take your views into consideration. Who knows, you may help save your Planet! Get involved. Give your views and opinions.

 On Behalf of the Magic Time Portal Observer we wish all the people of Planet Earth a very Happy Holiday!

Peace on Earth and Good Will to All!


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