When Winter Comes-Taking Care of Kitty



By Peanuts, Roving reporter


Hello Earthlings, my name is Peanuts. 

I was one of the homeless and today I'm going searching for homeless kitties. It's a tough life living rough. I know, I've been there. Unfortuantely, black kitties like me are the least likely to be adopted, just because we're black. We don't bring bad luck and we're just as loving.

Every cat’s life is worthy and deserving of human attention, compassion, dedication and action on its behalf. It's been scientifically proven that cats, as other animals, do so much for humans. They help regulate blood pressure, lower stress, have a calming effect on the human heart, and excel in pet therapy. 

We all want a home we can call our own, but sometimes it's not in the cards. But once in a while, we find some caring humans that try to help us. It's not easy for humans because there are lots out there who want to help, but can't offer us a forever home. 
Instead they do their best to give us some help.

As you know winter is coming, so here're some tips and tricks to help those with no forever homes.

Shelter is very important, especially in winter. We don't need lots of space. Just something where we're safe from the elements. So what can you use? Lots of things!

Remember the cardboard box your new TV came in? That'll do. First of all it should be off the ground. Don't make the opening too big, just enough to let your four footed friends in. Free-roaming cats tend to sleep together, so your winter castle should be able to house more than one cat. For bedding, straw is best as it doesn't hold moisture and helps to retain heat. Also make sure it's in a place where they feel secure and safe from their enemies.

 Now, that we've got the sleeping conditions settled, let's go to the food and water. In winter especially, these kitties need extra calories and fat. Maybe you can get your community involved to donate food, specially if they know you're trying to do some good. A good dry cat food is great all year around, with some extra goodies thrown in! Water is very important. Try to keep a fresh water supply. Check to make sure it doesn't freeze. Snow for them is a good source, but it can also be dangerous, especially in cities where they use chemicals to melt the snow and, of course, anti-freeze from cars. Be sure to keep the food and water in a protected area, preferably near their winter apartment.

 Though these kitties may not be able to say “thank you” in your language, they do thank you in other ways, like keeping the rodent population down. It's a win-win situation for everybody.

Cats and Dogs ( OH..OH I said the D word) have feelings just like us. They have the same emotions and suffer the same illnesses. They're not just beasts.

The mighty cat was worshiped like a God in ancient Egypt. In many cultures it's very lucky to have had at least one cat in your life. We love to be loved...give your little free-roaming cat a break in the coming cold winter months, they'll repay you many times over. Cats, like our domestic dogs, are part of our lives. Try each day to live in harmony with them and to respect these strange little creatures that capture your hearts and minds.

Peanuts, Kitty reporter, signing off for now

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